High Voltage Services

High Line Power Inc. has an extensive fleet of both on and off road SERVICE vehicles, so whatever or wherever the need may be, we have the power to get it done.

If you require a substation High Line Power Inc. can carry out:

  • Complete Substation Installtion (High Line Power Inc. is well-versed in installing towers, switches, circuit switches, transformers and much more)
  • Complete Substation Maintenance (Even in an emergency we have a large stock of equipment and parts to quickly fix, or if necessary replace, a malfunctioning substation)

Power Line Construction and Maintenance

If you need to be connected to the grid, or reconnected in the event of an emergency, High Line Power Inc. can bring the power to you.

Besides being proficient in the construction of residential, commercial and industrial power lines, High Line Power Inc. is knowledgeable and experienced in:

  • The design and construction of power line extensions (single or three phase)
  • Voltage conversions systems
  • Primary and secondary underground distribution
  • Transmission Line construction and maintenance
  • Pole or Pad mount transformer installation
  • Splicing and terminating primary and submarine cables
  • Maintaining all types of overhead and underground distribution systems
  • Perform live line work using live line tools and rubber gloves techniques

Telecommunication Installations

As the world becomes more and more connected Telecommunication infrastructures must be updated and modernized to allow the supply to meet the demand. High Line Power Inc. has the necessary knowledge and equipment to bring Northern Ontario into the contemporary telecommunications landscape.

If you are looking for aerial or underground installation of fiber optic or communication lines then give High Line Power Inc. a call.

Specialty Services

Besides performing all the standard work done by high voltage electrical contractors, High Line Power Inc. goes above and beyond for its Northern Ontario clientele.

If requested, High Line Power Inc. can execute:

  • Fuse coordination studies
  • Underground fault locating and cable locating
  • The removal of large trees close to power lines
  • Perform live line work using live line tools and rubber glove techniques
  • Helicopter inspections and patrols

Emergency Services

Hail, snow, lightning and strong winds beat and batter our utility lines on a regular basis and every once and a while we lose power. High Line Power Inc. provides a 24 hour emergency service. When the communication or electrical infrastructure goes down we get to work immediately to restore the power and fix the situation.

High Line Power Inc. can be there in an emergency to:

  • Troubleshoot and restore electrical power
  • Access remote locations to restore power
  • Replace broken poles and transformers (we always have a large inventory of both at the ready)

If your infrastructure has gone down then contact High Line Power Inc.: The power to get it done.

Street Lighting

Within urban centers or off the beaten paths of Northern Ontario, street lights are only as useful as the light they shine. High Line Power Inc. can install, maintain and repair street lighting systems of any variety. Furthermore, if you are looking to increase visibility while saving energy we can also perform L.E.D. Conversions.